Funny WhatsApp Joke About You 8159 Views

This joke is about you : -

Think you are sitting in front of computer, what computer will think…??

Do you know…??

Intel inside
mental outside…


Wait don’t laugh, joke is not over…

You are standing in front of fridge…

What fridge will think…

Do you know…??

Cool inside
fool outside

wait one more for you ;-)

Think you are standing outside race course…

What race course will think…

Do you know…??

Ghoda inside
Gadha outside…

Now laugh…:-D :-D

Think you are using Whatsapp,

what will Whatsapp think?

Jokes inside,
joker outside! :-P

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Anushka Sharma’s Lip Job Jokes 1181 Views

Twitter People doesn’t Leave anyone, Whether its Alok nath, Rajnikanth, Kejriwal or Nirupa Roy.

Now its Anushka’s turn, whose Lip Job revealed after she came in Koffee with Karan.

Here are few jokes floating aroud.

Anushka Lips Job


Anushka Sharma’s lips look they’re hit by Virat Kohli’s bat.


Virat Kohli has 2 ducks now. One in this match and Anushka Sharma.


‏Virat Kohli goes into coma after seeing Anushka Sharma’s new lips. Continue reading

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Wi-Fi stopped working 1019 Views

Today my Wi-Fi Suddenly Stopped Working
Then I Realized that my Neighbors haven’t paid the bill..
How irresponsible they are..!!!!

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To the People who hate me 1530 Views

To the People who hate me:

Dear Haters..
I couldn’t help but notice that,

AWESOME ends with “ME”


UGLY starts with “U” !

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Funny WhatsApp Status Jokes in English 7791 Views

Crazy people on my WhatsApp list.

1. Someone is ‘sick’ since the time I added him.

2. Someone is “Driving”

…since 5 days!

I guess he reached Dubai!!

3. Someone on his status “Sleeping”

…since 3 Days!

He’s Probably dead. Continue reading

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